Democratic system will not be allowed to be derailed: PM

August 26, 2014 Off By Web Desk

Islamabad: Prime Minister Muhammad Nawaz Sharif has said that democracy will continue to function and flourish in the country and nobody will be allowed to impede this process.

Speaking in the National Assembly on Wednesday amidst the thumping of desks by the members of the House, he expressed the resolve to uphold the rule of law and constitution for a bright future of the country.

The Prime Minister thanked the political parties for unanimously passing a resolution in support of democracy and the constitution.

He said this demonstration by the parties is unprecedented and will be remembered in the history of the country.

He said the Prime Ministers and the governments come and go but it was actually the triumph of the ideology and the democracy that the political parties put their weight behind the continuation of the system.

He also thanked other segments of the society including intellectuals, lawyers, traders and minorities for supporting this cause. He assured that he will abide by the constitution at all costs and live up to the sentiments of the people.

He reminded that in 2008 elections, his nomination papers were rejected and he was not allowed to contest the elections. But still his party took part in them and did not create any obstacles in the way of the system and the PPP government completed its five year tenure.

He said following 2013 elections Imran Khan assured him to play the role of a constructive opposition while supporting the government in all its positive initiatives. He said we also wanted to work together for the resolution of problems faced by the country.

It was under this spirit that he went to Bani Gala residence of Imran Khan where the PTI Chairman again assured him of his support.

He said the government should be held accountable for its acts but the opposition parties should also back the government’s good initiatives.

Nawaz Sharif said that a thirty three member electoral reforms committee has already been formed to bring reforms in the electoral process. He said now it is the responsibility of the political parties to give their inputs to make the electoral process more transparent.

Referring to the protest of PTI and PAT, Nawaz Sharif said this agitation has dented the economy with stock exchange and rupees witnessing serious downfall.

The current circumstances have shattered the confidence of the businessmen and they have shown their concerns that how could they invest their money in the prevailing situation.

He however said that march towards development will be continued with more serious and concerted efforts. He said it is utmost desire of the government to provide all basic amenities of life to the people and alleviate unemployment and poverty.

We have laid the foundation to achieve these targets but these cannot be achieved overnight. He said several projects are in the pipelines to overcome the electricity shortfall. These include Dasu and Diamer Bhasha hydel projects and coal based projects at Gaddani and Port Qasim.

He said fifty five billion rupees have been released for the accusation of land for Karachi Lahore motorway project. Similarly there are revolutionary plans to develop Gwadar port and Balochistan province. He said we should refrain from negative politics to keep the economy on the right track.

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