Dengue: Draft of Households Pesticides Act submitted to govt

October 11, 2015 Off By Web Desk

Karachi: The draft of a Households Pesticides Act 2015 has been submitted to federal and provincial governments for legislation to keep clean houses, streets, markets, offices, cattle & poultry farms and cultivated land to prevent people from Dengue disease.

This was stated by CEO, Flora Pest, Sajjad Haider Dara while addressing to a program “Success Stories”, organized by the students society of Mohammad Ali Jinnah University, Karachi Last evening.

Haider who had worked with Punjab government to overcome Dengui disease problem in 2012 said that besides taking appropriate action to deal with Dengui issue, it has become very necessary to start registration of pesticide producers and importers and a regulatory authority be also established to check their activities.

He said that pesticides used in agriculture sector are 200 per cent cheaper than the pesticides used in homes and offices. However, these pesticides are is sold to domestic consumers on higher prices to earn more profit.

He said that the Punjab Government has taken about 20 percent measures to overcome Dengue problem while in Sindh no positive action is taken so far in this regard.

He said very few hospitals in Sindh have special wards for Dengu patients. Moreover, doctors are not offered special courses for the treatment of Dengui patients. He advised to the patients to take treatment for this disease from doctors who have already completed special course for Dengui treatment.