Detained Pasban leader allowed to meet family

September 16, 2015 Off By Web Desk

KARACHI: The Sindh High Court (SHC) on Thursday directed superintendent Central Jail Karachi to arrange a meeting of detained Pasban e Pakistan General Secretary Usman Moazzam with his family.

Usman is currently in Rangers’ detention for the period of 90 days for questioning against his alleged involvement in offences coming in the ambit of Anti-Terrorism Act.

Pasban e Pakistan general secretary and his son Mohammad Siddique went missing on 20th July. Saboohi Moazzam, the wife of Usman Moazzam, filed a petition in SHC that sought whereabouts of her spouse and son.

The Rangers detained Usman Moazzam after producing him before Anti-Terrorism Court but the whereabouts of his son has not yet been traced.

Now the arrest of Usman has been showed by the Rangers and he is in Central Jail Karachi. The court directed jail superintendent to arrange Usman’s meeting with his family as per jail manual.

The court also directed Rangers to file comments relating to the whereabouts of Mohammad Siddique.

Saboohi alleged that Usman and Siddique were whisked away by law enforcers in a raid at their residence in Karachi’s Federal-B area in the mid-night of 20th July 2015.