District: (Another youth drowned in Bambaanwala-Ravi-Baidian (BRB) Canal)

July 4, 2015 Off By Web Desk

SIALKOT: Another youth Mohammad Zeeshan (22) drowned in Bambaanwala-Ravi-Baidian (BRB) Canal Daska near Bharokey-Daska, while bathing there to beat the scorching heat on Sunday.

Rescue 1122 rescuers fished out his dead body. He was the students of third year at a Daska college. He was laid to rest in his native graveyard. A large number of the people attended his funeral.

At least, five persons have yet drowned while bathing in rivers and canals in Sialkot district during the last two days. Amazingly, the district administration of Sialkot has not yet imposed ban under section 144 PPC on bathing and picnicking in rivers, canals, streams and water channels in Sialkot district.

Meanwhile, a large number of the sizzling hot weather and prolonged power outages-beaten people including women and children thronged to the rivers, canals and water channels to get them cool while bathing there.

A rush of the people was witnessed at Head Marala-Sialkot along the banks of Rivers Chenab, Tavi and Jammu and along the banks of canals.

The people were openly jumping into the rivers and canals waters and bathing there to save them from blazing sun and power outages. This nasty practice still remains unchecked an unabated, leaving the question marks on the performance of district administration of Sialkot, in this regard.

The Head Marala is also a picnic spot near Sialkot along the banks of River Chenab, where a large number of people reach to rejoice the joy of natural landscape and beauty.

The boats are back in River Chenab at a picnic spot near Head Marala-Sialkot as the water level was souring up in River Chenab due to the recent heavy rains in Sialkot region and melting of the snow from Icy Alps of neighbouring Occupied Jammu and Kashmir after seven-year long closure of water by India in River Chenab towards Pakistan since 2008.