District: Overflowing Sialkot’s Naullahs create problems

September 5, 2014 Off By Web Desk

Sialkot: The flooded Naullah Aik, Naullah Palkhu and Naullah Bhed on Saturday over flowed in Sialkot city due to flash heavy rains, which flooded the entire Sialkot city from all the sides. Sialkot city has been badly hit by the high flood.

The entire Sialkot city was inundated due to the faster flow of the flood water of the said three seasonal Naullahs. Sialkot TMA officials said these Naullahs were in high flood and were overflowing and the flood water splashed over the banks of these Naullahs due to heavy rains.

The flood water entered in Sialkot city and flooded Sialkot city, as the three to four feet high flood water also entered into the houses and even in the factories and small industrial units in Model Town , Mag Town, Allama Iqbal Town, Pakka Garha, Mochipura, Gulistan Colony, Muslim Town, Pakpura, Prem Nagar, Pooran Nagar, Muhammadpura , Hajipura, Naikapura , Rangpura, Green Wood Street, Allama Iqbal Chowk, Mianapura, Shahabpura Doburji Malhiyaan, Akbarabad, Nishat Park, Pulli Topkhaana, all the cantonment areas, Gohadpur, Muradpur, Small Industrial Estate Sialkot and the surrounding areas as well.

Most of the people were shifting to the safer places from the flooded Sialkot city, while most of the people were also taking shelter on the roof tops of their houses in Sialkot city.

According to the District Flood Control Office Sialkot, the flood water level was souring up in Naullahs Aik, Palkhu and Bhed due to ongoing heavy rains in Sialkot city. These Naullahs also pass though all the congested residential, commercial, industrial and cantonment areas of Sialkot city and Sialkot Cantt, besides, surrounding the Sialkot from all the sides.

TMA officials said that the Sialkot TMA’s efforts for dewatering the flood water were not bearing fruits due to heavy rains and faster flow of the flood water. They claimed that the Sialkot TMA officials were making hectic efforts to spill out the flood water from Sialkot city. They said that the flood water level was souring up in these Naullahs, causing high floods in Sialkot city.

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