District: (Tradition of sending Eid cards to loved ones dying)

July 8, 2015 Off By Web Desk

SIALKOT: The Eid related traditions of sending lucrative Eid greetings cards by the people to their loved ones is dying now in this modern age, as the latest internet technology and mobile phone SMS services have replaced the rites of sending Eid cards.

Due to the growing trend of use of internet, the people were now preferably greeting their relatives, friends and loved ones by e-mails , video chatting and through the mobile phone SMS services, instead of greeting them by sending the Eid cards.

As the Eidul Fitar was a few days away, now, the shopkeepers were only having the few Eid cards at their shops. About a decade ago, all the shops were used to be filled with the clourful, fascinating and charming Eid cards for sale. But, the modern technologies of internet and mobile phones have almost ended the sale of the Eid cards as well.

The shopkeepers said that the number of the Eid cards buyers has reduced to a great extant now-a-days as only few people ask about the display of the Eid cards. They said that short message service (SMS) has taken place of the Eid Cards.

The shopkeepers said that now the people have no time to visit the shops for selecting and getting the Eid cards. They preferably greet their loved ones through the SMS. They said especially the young generation was fond of sending SMS or chatting through video to greet the people ahead of Eid instead of sending Eid cards.