Dr Hayee Baloch speaks

March 5, 2016 Off By Web Desk

TAMBOO: National Party is representative party of oppressed, suppressed and poor people of Balochistan. It would not be allowed to become hostage in other hands. Old ideological and angry colleagues were being brought to unit on one platform.

This was stated by former Chief of National Party Senator (retired) Dr Abdul Hayee Baloch while speaking with Newsmen in Dera Murad Jamali.

He said hidden forces were exploiting people of Balochistan on one hand while Opportunists under garb of nationalism were causing damage. To adhere to own ideology can help serve poor masses. Politics of opportunism deviates from our political ideology.

There is strong need to promote ideological politics to fight battle for rights of Balochistan. Process of agreeing angry colleagues and ideological workers of National Party was underway so that politics of opportunism is stopped.

He said there is need for strong political system to resolve issues of Balochistan and it should be in the hands of people’s elected representatives instead of Islamabad and thus alone Centre can be agreed about Baluchistan’s cost and resources. If Establishment becomes sincere then people serving masses in real sense can be brought into power. Those coming to power under cover of dark think nothing but their own interest.

Dr Hayee said people of Balochistan re worried for drinking water, thousands of boys and girls were accruing education under the shadow of trees while members of assembly were building school, health and livestock centres without government code. Such projects which are not approved would be under the influence of influential and people’s money would go waste. P&D should take action against such elected representatives, he added.