Economic Corridor milestone in Pak China friendship: moot told

October 14, 2015 Off By Web Desk

KARACHI: Pak China relation is based on true feelings of mutual trust and cooperation. This relationship has certainly survived the test of time in the past, said President of China Arms Control and Disarmament Association Ambassador Sha Zaukung while addressing a lecture on Strengthening Cooperation between China and Pakistan at University of Karachi on Thursday.

The meeting was aimed at to enlighten the Pak-China’s cooperation in nuclear security, disarmament and non-proliferation. The lecture program was organized by University of Karachi’s Department of International Relations at its premises.

Ambassador Sha Zaukung thoroughly explored the basis of Pak China relations. He believed that Pak China relations were deeply rooted in mutual recognition of bilateral interests. He was highly appreciative of Pakistan’s efforts to help China regain its position in the UN.

The China’s rise as a great economic power is only because of its citizens who had worked hard to achieve the current status. They made some great decisions about growth, development and social change. China is a great reality in today’s world; it is fast becoming an economic giant.

He highlighted the Chinese policy of non-intervention as far as the neighbouring states are concerned. China believes in treating all states equally, China treats Pakistan as an equal ally. This Chinese approach has won great levels of cooperation and regional understanding for China. He added that peace and stability are two pivotal elements that foster growth and development in any society of the world. China is investing $ 46 billion in the Pak China Economic Corridor and this corridor will serve as a model to all the corridors.

On the occasion, UoK’s VC Prof Dr Mohammed Qaiser said that Pakistan and China had been friends since time immemorial. He said that Pak China friendship has higher then Himalayas, deeper then sea and stronger then steel and sweeter then honey. Pak China Economic Corridor will be a milestone in Pak China friendship.

Department of International Relation’s Chairman Prof Dr Mutahir Ahmed said while concluding the session that Pakistan and China are two great countries and both have exceptional levels of trust, mutual understanding, and cooperation.

In the end Assistant Prof Faheem uddin presented vote of thanks to all distinguished guests from China and participants.