Electoral reforms urged in Sindh

August 27, 2014 Off By Web Desk

KARACHI: The Chairman Sindh United Party (SUP) Syed Jalal Mehmood Shah has expressed grave concerns over disregarding ‘Sindh’ in context of General Elections 2013 rigging on Thursday and asserted that Sindh and Balochistan were the epicentre of what he called ‘election fraud’.

The press conference was held at Shah’s residence and was attended by 12 other national parties under banner of ‘Sindh Bachayo Committee’.

In wake of recent political deadlock in Islamabad, he said that over 75% votes in every constituency of Sindh were suspicious but leaders, without specifying anyone, were hesitant to reveal it during their rallies. He was of opinion that all small provinces must be represented at federal level. He accused Pakistan Tehreek Insaaf (PTI) leader Imran Khan for destabilizing the State despite Sindh and Balochistan were the real epicentre election fraud.

He further said that earlier the meeting of ‘Sindh Bachayo Committee’ was held to examine the political situation of capital city and it was decided that second phase of campaign against ‘outsider settlements’ would be postponed temporarily; however, it would again start in September and October where 50 thousand booklets would be distributed and banners would be placed across the province for the masses awareness.

He urged electoral reforms in Sindh and accused mainstream political parties for rigging in Elections 2013; however, when asked whether he supported Imran Khan, he said that their motive might be acceptable but he didn’t support their actions of destabilizing the State.

Moreover, he condemned the abduction and extrajudicial killings of political activists of nationalist groups and warned if it continued, cases would be filed against police officers.

Dr. Niyaz Kalani of Sindh Unity Party, Karam Hussain Wasaan of Awami Jamhoori Party, Mumtaz Brohi of Jeay Sindh Mahaz, Sufi Ghafoor Baksh of Jeay Sindh Mahaz (Sarwar Group), Dr. Mir Alam Marri of Jeay Sindh Mahaz (Ariser Group), Qamar Bhatti of Jeay Sindh Qom Parast Party, Aijaz Sumito of Sindh National Movement, Sharia Maqdoom of World Sindhi Congress and others intellectuals were also present.

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