Electricity consumers of Karachi want justice: Altaf Shakoor

March 5, 2016 Off By Web Desk

Karachi: The gave violation of the rights of electricity consumers of Karachi is a blemish on the face of sitting provincial and federal rulers, and it is high time that the highhandedness of Karachi-Electric (KE) in the shape of bogus billing and fast meters be stopped for good, said Pasban e Pakistan President Altaf Shakoor.

Visiting a two-day Pasban public complaint camp at Pahar Ganj, North Nazimabad, he said that hundreds of cases against the KE have already been prepared on the basis of public complaints that would be submitted to the court of NEPRA through Pasban. He said that a large number of electricity consumers of Karachi have already submitted application against the atrocities of the KE, which have exposed the real face of this modern day East India Company. He vowed that with this unity of consumers the violation of the corporate laws and rules by the KE and its fleecing of consumers through bogus billing, fake allegations of Kunda connections and its illegal average billing would be ended for good.

Chairman of Pasban Public Issues Committee Abubakar Usman, media coordinator Jawad Iqbal Sheerazi, Pasban district Central chapter leaders Khalid Durrani, Abrar Hussain, Mohammad Ayub and Mehmood Khan were also present.

On the occasion, an authority letter was given to the Pasban vice president Abdul Hakim Quaid to register the written public complaints with the NEPRA court.

Abdul Hakim Quaid said that the Karachiites have been burdened under unemployment, price hike and bogus bills of electricity. He said that many poor people find it hard to send their children to schools as all their income is being spent to pay these cruel bills. He said in this way both the government and the KE are increasing illiteracy in society. He appealed to the NEPRA to take action against the KE for its bogus and overbilling to dole out justice to Karachi electricity consumers.

Abubakar Usman charged that the KE is involved in stealing of copper cables of Karachi. It is replacing efficient copper wires with substandard silver wires which result in the reduction of voltage. He said very fast meters of the KE are responsible for overbilling. He said the power consumers of Karachi despite braving up to 8-hours load shedding a day are compelled to pay very heavy electricity bills due to these shoddy meters. He alleged that the KE is openly violating the Electricity Act of 1910, CSM and NEPRA Act 1997 and due to this under the NEPRA Rules 2002, the KE could be fined Rs100million for the bogus billing. He regretted that the provincial government of Sindh as well as the NEPRA has turned their blind eye towards the excesses with the electricity consumers of Karachi.

On the occasion, many electricity consumers narrated their ordeals due to the fleecing of the KE and they also raised slogans against the private electricity distribution monopoly of Karachi. They strongly complained about the super-fast electricity meters of the KE.