Engro Foods celebrates Defence Day

September 7, 2015 Off By Web Desk

KARACHI: Engro Foods hosted its Annual Sales Conference, which was attended by sales employees and delegates from five different countries and other guests in Istanbul, Turkey, to celebrate its roots and vision of elevating consumer delight worldwide.

The team celebrated this promising occasion with fireworks along with the Mayor of Turkey. Burhan Uddin, Consul General of Bangladesh, Ms Monika SchmutzKirgoz, Consul General of Switzerland, Charles F Hunter, Consul General of the United States, Syed Kamal Yasini, Consul General of Iran and Ahmed Misbah, Deputy Mayor of Istanbul were also present at the event.

The ambassador of Pakistan in Turkey while addressing the crowd said: “We as a nation are at a crossroad. Pakistan is going through a critical time and you people are amongst the most monumental and instrumental elements of future development that we are looking forward to. Engro is the echo of the heart of every Pakistani. Turkey and Pakistan are not just two nations but are two brotherly countries. With continued support and aid from Turkey, the future of Pakistan seems brighter than it ever has before.”

Concluding the conference, Ahmed Misbah, Deputy Mayor of Istanbul thanked the EFL team and said: “We are pleased to welcome you here in Turkey. We have always supported Pakistan and will always support you in the future. Pakistan is a liberal country and we wish Pakistan a very Happy Defence day.”

Turkey and Pakistan are founding members of the Economic Cooperation Organization and part of the eight developing countries (D-8) organization. Both nations have worked to negotiate a preferential trading agreement that is aiming at considerably increase trade and investments, especially in transport, telecommunications, manufacturing, tourism and other industries.

Both governments have sought to increase the volume of bilateral trade from $690 million to more than $5 billion by 2014. Turkish private corporations have also invested significantly in industrial and construction projects developing highways, pipelines and canals.