Erosion by river Chenab

September 21, 2014 Off By Web Desk

SIALKOT: After the catastrophic floods in rivers Chenab, Tavi and Jammu Munawar, now as many as 20 Bajwat villages including Khanu Bhau, Papeen, Saddarpura, Gangwal, Kaliyaal, Ghazipura, Kaliyaal, Khundo Chak, Belly, Tadyalla, Papeen and Wadgraan are at the verge of uncontrolled continuous erosion in River Chenab.

After the raging flood in River Chenab, now there was rapid erosion in this river, which was rapidly eroding the said villages. The erosion was eating up village Papeen, said the local affected people, who were now at the mercy of River Chenab after the flash floods.

“About three weeks ago, we had faced the devastating floods in River Chenab and now we have been facing the faster erosion by this river”, said several people of village Papeen-Bajwat, saying that the speed of the erosion was very fast by river Chenab and it was eating up/ eroding village Papeen, while, 20 above-mentioned villages were at the verge to be eroded by River Chenab here.

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