Excessive use of meat during Eid harmful for heart, kidney

September 22, 2015 Off By Web Desk

KARACHI: Health Experts on Wednesday said excessive consumption of red meat during Eid-ul-Azha can increase the risk of developing cardiovascular, kidney, liver, diabetes and gastroenteritis diseases.

Renowned cardiologist at National Institute of Cardiovascular Diseases, Dr Hamidullah Malik while talking to PPI said that eating excessive amount of meat during festival days especially in Eidul Azha days is more common in the society but overeating can increase the risk of heart, liver, diabetes, gastroenteritis and kidney problems.

He said excessive use of meat is very harmful for people, especially who are already suffering from cardiovascular, liver and kidney diseases. He said it can also enhance uric acid and cholesterol level among people, which increases the risk of various diseases.

Dr Malik advised people to avoid eating excessive meat during Eid days, especially who are suffering from cardiovascular, kidney, and liver diseases.

Senior leader of Pakistan Medical Association (PMA) Center Dr SM Qaiser Sajjad said that excessive use of meat could cause gastroenteritis and other stomach problems.

He said people who have habit of storing meat in refrigerator for longer periods without knowing that such practice could cause gastrointestinal complications. He said meat should not be stored in refrigerators for long times as it can develop bacteria if refrigerators fails to maintain needed temperature due to load-shedding.

He said eating excessive amounts of meat increases the risk of heart, blood pressure, diabetes, obesity and gastroenteritis diseases; therefore, women should prepare meat with vegetables and avoid spicy foods during Eid in order to reduce the risk of contracting various severe diseases.