Expedite the under discussion child marriage bill, Speakers

March 25, 2015 Off By Web Desk

Peshawar: Speakers at a ‘Consultative meeting’ asked the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa government to expedite the under discussion child marriage bill to prevent early marriages.

The consultative meeting was titled, “The Child Marriage Restraints Amendment Bill (CMRAB) 2013” organized by Sungi Development Foundation (SDF) in collaboration with Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Child Protection Commission (KP-CPC) held here at a local hotel on Thursday.

Those spoke on the occasion were included Dr Lubna Hassan, an gynecologist, Dr Saeed Abdullah, an Islamic scholar, Dr Murad Ali, chief coordinator child commission, Dr Mehr Taj Roghani, an adviser to Chief Minister on Social Welfare Department, members of provincial assembly (MPAs) Mahmud Jan, Ziaullah Bangash, Zareen Taj of Pakistan Tehrik-e-Insaf (PTI), Rashida Iffat of Jamat-e-Islami (JI), Deena Naz, Neelam Turo, Ijaz Khan of Social Welfare department, Shahida Shah, Shazia Mehmud, Sajid Mansoor and Omar Javed associated SDF.

They shared their views regarding child marriage and its harms to the family particularly to the girls married in early age, adding that early marriages not only become a menace for mothers but also for newborns.

“It is impossible for a teenage girl to nourish her baby when she herself is getting growth,” the gynecologist told and added that to prevent early marriages is not only the aim but the prevention of early pregnancy also. However, she advised that a physically and mentally matured girl can give birth to healthy child, which is better both for a mother and child.

The participants said that the major factor of Maternal Mortality is the marriages at early age, which causes Post-Partum Hemorrhage (PPH) and chances of death of women during childbirth increase.

They said that on one hand, there was commitment about Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) and on the other there were traditions and culture barriers, but they stressed the need of creating awareness among the masses regarding rights of their children including better health and education were their basic rights.

“Various customs and traditions are also promoting child marriages in the remote areas of the country,” they maintained and added that they would have to give up outdated traditions and care about children’s best health and education.

The religious scholar put lights of Islamic point of view on early marriage, said that Islam has neither forbidden early marriages nor declared it as obligatory. “Often early marriages are made with nefarious designs to grab property of the children,” they added.

Ziaullah Bangash and Dr mehr Taj Roghani informed the participants that Domestic Violence Bill (DVB) is ready whileCMRAB is under consensus, which they ensured that would not be contradicted Islam and Constitution of Pakistan.

Sajid Mansoor, Executive Director and Director Programme Shazia Mehmud SDF also informed that the participants to continue such fruitful meetings aim to acquaint the masses with ills of early marriages.

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