Experts for running healthcare projects on merit

September 18, 2014 Off By Web Desk

KARACHI: Medical experts have expressed their concern on poor performance of different programs being run by Health Department Sindh to control fatal diseases, despite the fact that millions of rupees are spend annually on them.

Majority of projects managers, deputy projects manager, program directors and deputy program directors have been appointed on political basis so that no one is ready to remove them despite their poor performance, said President, Pakistan Medical Association (PMA) Karachi Dr Mohammad Idress Adhi.

He said real issue is that projects heads should be appointed on merit and competency basis to get the desired results. But unfortunately many program managers have been posted on political basis without any terms and conditions and the result is in front of all of us. He said incompetent officials got such posts through political maneuvering. He said ignoring merit has not only caused wastage of funds but it is also the major reason behind the outbreak of diseases.

He said cases of polio, hepatitis, dengue and other diseases are being reported on frequent basis and incompetent officials are unable to adopt precautionary measure in this regard. He said over a dozen of projects & programs are being run by provincial health department like Sindh AIDS Control Program, Prevention & Control Blindness Program, Hepatitis Prevention & Control Program, Dengue Prevention & Control Program, Expended Program on Immunization, Malaria Control Program, Sindh Blood Transfusion and others.

He said millions of rupees are allocated annually for elimination, screening and alleviation of different deadly diseases but no positive result comes from any side of healthcare sector in Sindh province.

Dr Adhi said there is no dearth of competent officials in province to run these projects. He said right persons should be appointed for right projects to get the desired results in future. He said honest and competent officials should be made in-charges of these projects with full autonomy to get positive results.

He said politics-free institutions would help to get positive results in future. He said government should introduce terms and conditions of appointments in these projects. He said currently many project heads are working like a toy in the hands political parties and they are being misused in different methods.

He said health minister and secretary health should devise a strategy to improve the performance of health department runs projects and also decide the fate of incompetent officials of programs in best public interest.

Senior leader of PMA Centre Dr SM Qaiser Sajjad said projects & programs being run by health department are directly linked with public health. He said no any institution or organization advance without competent people. He said politicized institutions ultimately to towards their downfall.

He urged the authorities concerned to appoint honest and competent officials in these key posts on merit for getting positive results.

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