Experts urges awareness about TB elimination

March 2, 2016 Off By Web Desk

KARACHI: A meeting of Core-Group of the Stop TB Pakistan was held on Thursday at local hotel in Karachi where participants discussed the core issues, strategy and future plans to control the disease in Pakistan.

The meeting was chaired by Prof Masood Hameed Khan and attended by the core group members including Dr Sharaf Ali Shah (Vice Chairman), Dr Iqtidar Ahmed (Executive Secretary Hon), Dr Shahina Qayyum (Treasurer Hon), Dr Mirza Saifullah Baig (Technical Coordinator), Provincial Coordinators and Focal Persons from all the four provinces.

Dr Sharaf Ali Shah gave a brief overview of current status of TB in Pakistan, way forward and objectives of Stop TB Pakistan. He also mentioned the details of different activities carried out to raise awareness against TB. Prof Masood Hameed Khan stressed the need to create mass awareness in order to reduce this ailment and educate people about the prevention, diagnosis and treatment facilities of TB disease.

During the meeting, the committee suggested to reach the missing patients of TB and provide them free of cost treatment. They also suggested to establish Stop TB Pakistan offices in all the provinces and involved business community, parliamentarians and cooperate sector in the war against TB.

They suggested holding awareness activities in different schools and colleges to sensitize the students. Shabbir Ahmed and Hashim from Business Community assured his voluntary support for Stop TB Pakistan, its vision, mission and cause.