Factions announces merger in Pasban e Pakistan

October 17, 2015 Off By Web Desk

Karachi: All parties working with the name of ‘Pasban’ have agreed to work as ‘Pasban e Pakistan’ political party and they vowed to introduce a new politics of service.

This was announced by Pasban e Pakistan Altaf Shakoor, addressing a crowded press conference at Karachi Press Conference (KPC) here on Sunday.

He said the present rulers and politicians have disappointed the whole nation. He said they have entered the mess of politics with an aim to make it free from corruption, bribery and injustice. He said they wanted to introduce the culture of a politics based on service and bring a real change in Pakistan. He said his party has already fielded candidates for the local government polls and they would get a spectator success.

Pasban leaders Tariq Jamil, Hussain Khan, Irfan Rana, Abdul Hakim Quaid, Tariq Chandiwalla, Shaikh Mohammad Shakeel, Sardar Zulfiqar, Shamim Naz, Zahid Jamil, Azhar Shamus, Shakir Ali, Zafar Iqbal, Javed Malik, Shaukatullah Khan, Shah Nawaz Advocate, Mahmood Tajik, Khalid Durrani and others were present.

Altaf Shakoor said in the year 2004 a group had separated from Pasban on differences to make Pasban a political party and got it registered as Pasban with the Election Commission of Pakistan. He said in the year 2014 Pasban e Pakistan also got registered as apolitical party and then remained no need that these both groups work and struggle separately.

Altaf Shakoor welcomed Hussain Khan and all other associates on the merger of both factions of Pasban. He congratulated them and thanked for reposing confidence in leadership.

On the occasion, Hussain Khan said he and his friends are joining Pasban e Pakistan, unconditionally.

Altaf Shakoor and Hussain Khan said when there is a common thinking; it is no more necessary to work separately. They said Pasban represents 98percent exploited masses of Pakistan and it is getting popular with every passing day due to its pro-people stance. They said sadly some vested interests have made politics a lucrative trade and a tool of corruption and this misuse of politics have been continuing for years. They said due to the brave struggle of Pasban now the time has come to end this negative politics for good.

They regretted that the government is not discharging its due role in release of the daughter of the nation, Dr Aafia Siddiqui. He said when Mian Mohammad Nawaz Sharif was in opposition he had written a letter to the then Prime Minister Yusuf Raza Gilani and asked him that if the government is not able to bring Aafia back home it should tender resignation. They regretted that today the government of Mian Mohammad Nawaz Sharif itself is violating its constitutional responsibilities on the issue of Aafia Siddiqui.

They said Pasban e Pakistan general secretary Usman Moazzam during his election campaign for NA-246 by-polls had demanded to end target killing and TT culture from Karachi. He also demanded to make new provinces in Pakistan on administrative grounds, and take initiative with making Karachi a new administrative province so as to end corruption, load shedding, and water shortage and solve problems of urban public transport, education, healthcare, joblessness and ensure just distribution of the national resources.

They regretted that to punish Usman Moazzam for his bold stance he was first kept in illegal detention and later on the intervention of court his arrest was shown and he was detained for 90 days. They demanded to release Usman Moazzam immediately.

They said to make the constitution and flag of Pasban e Pakistan a committee was made led by Usman Moazzam. It was announced that Rafiq Khaskheli, Hussain Khan, Aftabuddin Qureshi, Azam Minhas, Abdul Hakim Quaid, Tariq Chandiwalla, Shah Nawaz Advocate, Shaikh Mohammad Shakeel and Azhar Shamus would be the members of this committee.