Fayeeza Naqvi appointed Chairman of Aman Foundation

September 9, 2015 Off By Web Desk

KARACHI: The CEO and Trustees of Pakistan’s largest private foundation, the Aman Foundation, appointed Mrs Fayeeza Naqvi as Chairman of Aman’s Board of Trustees.

This was announced at a ceremony held in Karachi for the occasion by the CEO of Aman Foundation, Malik Ahmad Jalal.

Fayeeza Naqvi, who recently received the BNP Paribas Grand Prix award for Individual Philanthropy, thanked Aman’s stakeholders present at today’s event which included corporate partners, government officials and donors of Aman Foundation for their unwavering support.

Naqvi said: “My family’s greatest wish is to transform the lives of those who are underserved anywhere. We aim to do so by catalyzing the impact of the Aman Foundation through building alliances, and I invite you to join us on this journey. The challenges we face are enormous, but fortunately surmountable. Aman has achieved many significant milestones recently, including being recognized as the best institutional Emergency Medical Service in Asia by the Asian EMS Council.”

Aman Foundation’s CEO, Malik Ahmad Jalal congratulated Naqvi on this occasion, stating, “Fayeeza has been a driving force behind much of what the Aman Foundation has achieved since its inception seven years ago.

During this time, Aman has launched pioneering social businesses including Aman Ambulances and AmanTech, one of Pakistan’s premier vocational training institutes. One of Aman’s programs that is particularly important to Fayeeza, the Sukh Initiative, provides critically needed maternal and child-health services for one million of the most underserved population of Karachi.