Financial crisis hits KIHD

September 2, 2014 Off By Web Desk

Karachi: The financial crisis of Karachi Institute of Heart Diseases has further deepened due to lack of interest of some members of its governing body.

A senior official of city’s second largest heart diseases healthcare run by Karachi Metropolitan Corporation (KMC) on condition of anonymity told PPI that the KIHD has been facing acute financial crises as KMC could not provide it funds for purchase of medicines and other operational matters for a long time. KMC authorities have provided some medicines to KIHD administration less than its requirement.

He informed KIHD is 370-bed teaching hospital, including a 22-bed fully equipped emergency room, CCU, medical wards, surgical wards, private wards, intensive care unit, two cardiac catheterization laboratories, two surgical theatres, ECHO, ETT and nuclear imaging department, rehabilitation centre, research department and laboratory for routine blood investigations.

To overcome the crisis, the management of KIHD has formed an independent governing body comprising some prominent industrialists to resolve administrative and financial crisis of institution with a few conditions like an industrialist willing to become the governing body member may donate Rs 10 million to meet the hospital’s expenditures, he explained.

He said unfortunately no such donations are received as governing body members are more interested to use this position for raising their public status. He informed that 11-member governing body was constituted on 20th February 2013; however, this governing body is still to have a formal meeting.

He said shortage of medicines due to non-availability of funds and indifferent attitude of governing body members had badly affected the performance of this hospital.

Executive Director, KIHD, Dr Waqar Kazmi, when contacted, said the governing body meeting would be held soon. However, he admitted that there was financial crisis due to non release of funds. He said the situation would be improved in future with release of required funds.

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