Firefighting drill at PNSC

September 19, 2015 Off By Web Desk

Karachi: A successful firefighring drill was conducted at PNSC Building previous day.

The fire alarm rang at 11 a.m. and 1477 people came out of the 16-storeyed building in seven minutes. The building houses the offices of a number of organizations, banks and other firms.

Arif Ilahi, Chairman of PNSC and Brigadier (Retired) Rashid Siddiqui, Executive Director, supervised the drill in which 32 firefighters too part and instructed the people to stage a quick exit so that fire fighters may have access to the inner parts of the building.

The fire fighters quickly restored the water supply from the basement storage and extinguished the demonstration fire. Ambulances were called to shift ‘the wounded’ to hospitals.

Arif Ilahi, showing his satisfaction on drill, said that it was a success up to 90 percent. He suggested that such drills should be conducted on quarterly or bi-annual basis so that shortcomings are traced and done away with properly.

He also said that such drills will help keep up the morale of PNSC and people’s confidence in the organization.

He announced that lady fire fighters will also be employed.

PNSC building caught fire on February 18, 2007 and August 19, 2007 which caused financial loss but no casualty was reported.