Foundation Day of Sindh Madressatul Islam commemorated

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KARACHI: Dr Mohammad Ali Shaikh, Vice Chancellor, Sindh Madressatul Islam University (SMIU) said on Monday that 129 years of Sindh Madressatul Islam’s foundation is time of devoted national service and pride.

Speaking at the 129th foundation day ceremony of Sindh Madressatul Islam, Shaikh said those are great men, who dream great for their nations and then materialize them through their efforts and sacrifices.

“Sir Syed Ahmed Khan and Khan Bahadur Hassanally Effendi were among those great persons who changed the destiny of Muslims of Subcontinent by establishing modern educational institutions,” Shaikh said and added that in 1885, when Sindh Madressatul Islam was established, there were only three Muslim matriculates in the entire Sindh, hence, Hassanally Effendi decided to establish a modern school, which was first of its kind especially for Muslims.

Shaikh maintained that at that time there were schools of Parsis, Hindus, and Christians and there was a grammar school also, where mostly secular education was being imparted, but there was no modern school for Muslim children where moral education of their religion could also be imparted.

He said that it was Hassanally Effendi and his comrades who felt to establish a modern school with religious education. Dr Shaikh further said that it was the time when Sindh Arts College was established by Dayaram Gidumal and his friends. Later its name was changed and it became DJ Sindh College, while the name of Sindh Madressatul Islam remained same till date.

Vice Chancellor of SMI University said this great institution was upgraded to level of college and was inaugurated by its most distinguished old student Quaid-e-Azam Mohammad Ali Jinnah in a grand ceremony held on June 21, 1943.

Revealing the page of history, Dr Shaikh said when Sir Syed Ahmed Khan had visited the site, where development work of Sindh Madressatul Islam was in progress, and he had suggested Khan Bahadur Hassanally Effendi that you should not think only for school, but aim at a school, college to expand into a university. “Later we materialized the dream of Sir Syed Ahmed Khan and Hassanally Effendi by getting university status for Sindh Madressatul Islam in 2012,” the first vice chancellor of SMI University said.

He said that he had joined Sindh Madressatul Islam in 1994 as its principal and has been here for over 20 years and worked for its betterment and quality education.

Shaikh said that SMI University provides quality education with best academic atmosphere, where no politics and financial and morale corruption is allowed. He said similarly, SMIU Model School is also working excellently.

Talking about future plans, Shaikh said that a new world class campus of SMIU of world standard would be established in Education City, Malir, which would be completed by 2025 in three phases. Alike it, a 10 floor tower will be constructed in the vacant space of SMI University’s city campus, as to provide access to a public sector university to people living in old city area of Karachi, as well as rest of the province and the country.

Shaikh congratulated all faculty members of all sections, students and other employees on the completion of 129 years of Sindh Madressatul Islam’s journey of success and entering in 130th years of its life.

Earlier, Principal of SMIU Model School Nabila Khanewal, Vice Principal Syed Wajid Ali, chairpersons of SMI University Ms. Anjum Bano Kazmi, Dr Syed Asif Ali, Dr Syed Adnan Ahmed, Dr Syed Azfar Ali, senior and Dr Muneer Ahmed and senior teachers of SMIU Model School Mr. Abdul Latif Chachar, Wajid Ali Shah, retired teacher Mr. Rajab Ali Mallah also spoke on the occasion.

On this occasion, boy and girl students of SMIU Model School presented wonderful and impressing tableaus on national and folk songs.

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