Genetically modified seeds spread cancer in Pakistan, experts

July 29, 2015 Off By Web Desk

Karachi: Use of genetically modified seeds is the major reason of the increasing rate of cancer in our country. Pakistan is an agricultural country and the government has its monopoly in the distribution of seeds but ironically Pakistani government tends to promote hazardous diseases and toxic infections in the form of allowing the usage of genetically modified seeds which are banned in Europe and other Western countries.

These views were expressed by Institute of Business Management, Karachi’s Head of Researcher Dr Shahida Wizarat while delivering her lecture on “Towards Achieving Food Security in Pakistan” held at the Applied Economics Research Centre, University of Karachi on July 30, 2015 in connection with Dr. Ehsan Rasheed Memorial Lecture Series.

Dr. Wizarat added that the major export of Pakistan cotton now has 75 percent genitally modified seeds which produce hazardous outcomes and if European Union comes to know this ironic reality, they would immediately ban Cotton exports from Pakistan and it would be a great setback to Pakistan’s weak economy.

She said Pakistan is importing these hazardous and toxic seeds in large numbers from the countries where they are banned and endangering the lives of 200 million people of the country. We must strongly oppose this government’s initiative of ruining the health of the countrymen as its one of the major factors in the increase of cancer and other toxic diseases in the country, she added.

Dean Faulty of Social Sciences and Acting Director AERC Prof. Dr. Moonis Ahmar said in his speech that Pakistan is rich in natural resources and have the best canal system of the world but shortage of water has become one of the challenging problems of the country which is a result of administrative incompetence and lack of management.

He said there is no proper tax on agriculture while income from agriculture contributes a lot towards the nation’s economy. Our future is in danger and it’s our moral and national duty to perform our responsibilities with honesty and dedication so that we could fulfil the greater dream of a welfare state.