Girls (Pak Girls guides association to pay tribute to Ms. Fatima Jinnah on birthday)

July 29, 2015 Off By Web Desk

Islamabad: July 31st is celebrated by Pakistan Girl Guides Association to pay tribute to Madar-e Millat (“Mother of the Nation.”). She was an instrumental figure in the Pakistan movement and the primary organizer of the All India Muslim Women Students Federation.

After the formation of Pakistan she became the Patron of Pakistan Girl Guides Association and actively participated in Guide Activities till her death.

Guides all over Pakistan will be celebrating the Birth Anniversary of Ms. Fatima Jinnah in a befitting manner. Several cake cutting ceremonies will be organized to pay tribute to her hard work and efforts for the country and the nation.

During the ceremonies speakers will shed light on her life aspects and her contributions and commitment to the women emancipation and education and her political struggle towards achieving independence and a separate homeland for the Indian Muslims and specifically on her role to flourish Guiding in Pakistan.

Senator Nuzhat Sadiq, National Commissioner Pakistan Girl Guides Association in her message on this occasion said that Ms. Fatima Jinnah made the greatest contribution in the realm of Women’s awakening and participation in National affairs and their empowerment.

Character of Ms. Fatima Jinnah is like a lighthouse for the young women of today to guide them towards glory and success.

Girls and Young women should follow her footsteps. The path shown by mother of the nation can earn us a distinguished place in the world.