Governor-Calligraphy exhibition

November 23, 2015 Off By Web Desk

QUETTA: Menace of corruption has so baldy penetrate in our society we have lost recognition between good and bad. Corruption, bribery, deceives and misuse of authority is being used as right. Those promoting corruption are not poor and illiterate but literate and authoritative people.

These views were expressed by Balochistan governor Mohammad Khan Achakzai while addressing Calligraphy exhibition on verses on Corruption at Balochistan University of Information Technology, engineering and Management sciences (BUITEMS) here Tuesday.

Provincial Minister Dr Hamid Achakzai, Director General NAB Balochistan Tariq Mahmood Malik, Inspector General Balochistan Police Ahsan Mahbub, VC BUITEMS Engineer Ahmed Farooq Bazai and others were also present.

Governor said welfare of any society, peace, justice is linked to stead forwardness of state institutions and stability. Foremost duty of state functionaries is to fulfill their duty. This is called following law and guarantee for peace, justice and prosperity. He said our country including our province Balochistan is confronted with multifarious problems, corruption and its main root is educated and authoritative segment.

Appreciating measures of present government Governor said it was mobilising all available resources for the stability of institutions and elimination of corruption is topmost priority of the government and performance of all provincial and federal departments including NAB is praise worthy. He said success of functionaries depends on following law and this is why Quran has described good and bad time and again.

Appreciating work of participants of calligraphy exhibition Governor said calligraphists and other artistes are our asset. He called upon them to play their role through their art and ability against terrorism, corruption and other social ills.

He said objective of education form beginning is character building and good moral. But regretfully education is the basis of this theft.

Welcoming guests from other provinces Governor said this exhibition would have far reaching impacts.

He hoped that government NAB efforts would not only help mould development process according to laws and rules and regulations but ensure judicious use of national resources for development of the province.

DG NAB Balochistan Tariq Mahmood Malik said that Islam does not forbid securing luxuries but strictly negates misuse of authority, looting national kitty, usurping people’s rights. We should have to adopt moderate way in our matters, society and preaches. With change in out behaviours and thoughts elimination of corruption is possible. Calligraphists of international repute have enhanced our morale for elimination of corruption.

He said end of corruption was not possible unless all from different walks of life make it their foremost responsibility. He regretted that we have not understood Islamic etchings at all. When our intentions increased for religion we adopted way of extremism and forgot difference between haram and halal.

At the end Governor went round exhibition of calligraphy and watched work of calligraphists. He also awarded shields to the judges of exhibition and organizers.