Governor- Incharge Pakistan Desk Canberra

March 2, 2016 Off By Web Desk

QUETTA: Drought like situation was developing in several parts of Balochistan in the absence of rains and dry conditions for several years. There is need to cope with the situation immediately. Underground water level was also depleting alarmingly, karezat (underground water channels) have dried up. If immediate measures were not adopted existence of human beings would be endangered.

This was stated by Balochistan Governor Mohammad Khan Achakzai while speaking to Incharge Pakistan Desk at Australian Capital Canberra Ms Katie Witting and Second political secretary at Australian High Commissioner Mathew Mowtell who called on him here Thursday.

Governor said dry condition with which Balochistan is confronting we would be needing cooperation of four friendly countries. He said this province is basically agricultural economy in nature and agriculture and livestock are important sectors of economy and availability of water occupies great significance for it.

He regretted that people do not have clean drinking water in remote areas of the province and women are forced to fetch water on their heads from miles and miles away. Government was taking several measures including building dams to improve the situation but dearth of resources was coming in the way.

Referring to a question about peace and order in the region he said establishment of peace is international issue and international community particularly developed countries cooperation and active role can help achieve international peace which would coordinate the world and achieve peace and development.

He expressed satisfaction that during past three years as a result of government measures law and order has improved greatly.