Govt again fails to maintain intercity bus fares

July 13, 2015 Off By Web Desk

KARACHI: Tall claims of the Sindh government to maintain government-fixed fares on intercity bus service in the holy month of Ramadan remain empty talks as the citizens have been compelled to pay fares enhanced unilaterally by the transporters since start of this month.

The citizens who want to celebrate the happiness of Eid with their loved ones in their hometown are being charged fares enhanced by from Rs100 to Rs1000 as compared with the normal days fares. These fares are expected to further rise in the last couple of days before Eid.

Transporters defend their increased rates with lame excuses. They said they did not get passengers during this month when their buses return back to Karachi; therefore, they have increased fares now and they would normalize these fares after Eid.

The government’s warning to the private transporters like the past years, this year also could not bear fruit. Intercity bus terminals in the city are overly crowded in the last days of Ramadan and transporters eagerly take advantage of the citizens’ helplessness.

The enhanced fares in Ramadan in comparison with the normal days on also all routes, particularly on the routes of Quetta, Pishin and Gilgit-Baltistan, which are from Rs400 to Rs1000 higher than the normal day fares.

An intercity bus booking officer for Quetta and Pishin, Mateen told PPI that they were not charging any fixed rates. He confessed that they were charging fares as high as they could but there is always a compromise fare after haggling that too is in favour of the transporters.