Gutters overflow in front of KMC landmark building

September 16, 2014 Off By Web Desk

Karachi: Pakistan first multi-storied parking plaza in Saddar Karachi is a landmark building of Karachi Metropolitan Corporation (KMC). However, the KMC has even failed to maintain cleanliness and a sense of civic living there, as filth, overflowing gutters and broken road in front of this important building has been tarnishing the image of KMC for many months.

New Preedy Street and the CDGK Parking Plaza are amongst the major projects of the city government in Karachi, but lack of administration skills and sheer ignorance have turned them into glaring example of failed administration due to the appointment of inefficient people on higher slots on political basis.

The gutter line in front of the car parking plaza building has been chocked for months, resulting in overflow of filth and sewerage on the side of this busy road. Even the main entrance of the parking plaza is inundated in gutter water. The constant flow of gutter water has even broken the road in front of the plaza, causing huge traffic jams, but the administration is least concerned.

Mismanagement, political nepotism and corruption have marred the performance of government-run institutions and they are not delivering properly, said Ahsan Bari, president of Voice Against Corruption. He said corruption is not limited just to illegal money transactions but the failure of the institutions to deliver is also a form of corruption, as these funds waste government funds meant for facilitating people without any service delivery. He said the government should look into the matter of inefficiency of its departments and organizations that have become proverbial white elephants.

Former MPA Yunus Barai said Karachi is facing immense civic issues but the administration is not giving attention to solve them. He said broken roads, overflowing gutters and filthy streets are not just limited to Saddar area, but almost all localities of the city are facing these civic issues. He demanded of the government to take a serious notice of lack of cleanliness in the city and ensure that the government departments are working properly to discharge their service delivery duties.

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