Haleem lambasts rulers for slackness in missing Hujjaj matter

September 28, 2015 Off By Web Desk

Karachi: Pakistan Muslim League (PML) Sindh chapter president Haleem Adil Sheikh has lambasted the Pakistani rulers for their slackness in finding the missing Pakistani Hujjaj after the Mina Stampede tragedy.

Addressing a crowded press conference at Karachi Press Club (KPC) here Tuesday, he said their party has already began a drive to help the affected families in locating their missing near and dear ones. He said getting martyrdom during the pilgrimage is the loftiest desire of very Muslim. However, the agony of the families of the missing Hujjaj could not be described in words. He said the minister of religious affairs Sardar Yusuf alone could not do anything and he needs additional support from the government of Pakistan.

Sheikh said the government of Saudi Arabia wants to share information but our rulers are reluctant to get this information. He said this is why the dejected people of Pakistan are compelled to say that this task could also be done by the army chief himself. He asked why the Prime Minister of Pakistani is not using his personal relations in Saudi Arabia in finding the missing Pakistani Hujjaj. He suggested that the parliamentary committee on religious affairs and one member of each affected family of Hujjaj should be sent to Saudi Arabia on the government expense.

On the occasion the wife, son and son-in-law of the missing Haji Abdul Ghani, 44 of Chakiwara, Lyari; Mohammad Khaibar Bhai Zartaj of 100-Quarters Korangi, whose father Ayamuddin and mothers have been missing, son and cousin of Haji Mir Zaman of Korangi 2-1/2 were also present.

They said they have been running from the pillar to post in search of some information about their relatives; however, the government has failed to play their due role to assist them and other affected families. They said they wanted to visit Saudi Arabia to find their missing relatives and the government should send them to Saudi Arabia on its expense. They said no government official has contacted with them, adding only Haleem Adil Sheikh has contacted them and assured the assistance of his party. They said the government’ helpline is not effective as they do not answer their calls promptly.

However, Haleem Adil said their team is also working in Hyderabad and contacting the families of missing Hujjaj. He said they have been working for last three days and due to their efforts they have already succeeded to locate two missing Hujjaj and revive their contact with their families. He said they are in close contact with the welfare institutions of Saudi Arabia and social network.

He said our Hajj Mission is seen nowhere. He said the Pakistani government and the international media are presenting different figures of the death toll. He asked whether the Khuddam sent to Saudi Arabia were trained people or they were sent there on political favouritism. He said this is not a flood or earthquake and the missing people could be found in hospitals. He saluted the media for its positive role, saying the responsibilities of the rulers are being discharged by the media regarding this tragedy.

PML leaders Wasil Khan, Javed Awan, Kashif Nizami and Mirza Azeem were also present.