Haripur is the Ist district to approve the model bye-laws 2015 for the District Council Procedure and conduct of business

December 21, 2015 Off By Web Desk

Peshawar: In light of the provincial government’s instructions, the District Government Haripur is the Ist district to approve the model bye-laws 2015 for the District Council Procedure and conduct of business and meetings. These byelaws have been presented to the district council in its previous meeting held on Nov 23, 2015 which gave approval.

The same have been printed and circulated for information of all members of the district councils, offices of the district government Haripur and all relevant offices of the provincial government.

These model bye-laws provide detail procedure for the convening, adjournment and prorogation of council meeting, seating, oath taking and role of members, appointment of presiding officers and panel of chairpersons, arrangement for the transaction of business, questions and answers session, leave, absence, resignation and vacation of seats in the councils.

The byelaws also provide detail procedure for the call attention notice, question of privileges, adjournment of motions, point of order and presentation and passing of resolutions by the council. They also provide for the framing and making of bye-laws by the council on matters delegated to the district government under the Local Government Act, 2013.

Under these byelaws, the petition to the council by the citizen on matter of general public importance can also be lodged for which a detail procedure is provided. The model byelaws provides for the much important procedure for the disposal of financial matters such as district budget and matters associated with it.

The byelaws provide detail procedure for the review of performance reports of the district government and establishment of “Standing Committees” of the council which shall guide and regulate the working of the district government. Code of conduct committee for the elected members of the council is also part of these bye-laws.

The provincial government of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa has appreciated this step of the District Government Haripur and has urged upon all local governments in the province to adopt similar procedure for the approval of model byelaws from their respective councils and intimate to the provincial government and all district government offices of the respective districts at the earliest.