Hijab is honour of Muslim women

September 3, 2014 Off By Web Desk

Karachi: Hijab is an honour for Muslim women, and it is their basic right to live a life of their free choice, said speakers of a rally here on Thursday on the occasion of a ‘World Hijab Day’.

The rally was organized by Women and Family Commission at Karachi Press Club (KPC) here.

President Women and Family Commission Sindh chapter Atiya Nisar, addressing the rally said Hijab is the prestige and honour for Muslim women. She asked the Muslim girls and women should be allowed freedom to spend their lives according to their own vision and choice.

A large number of women belonging to different walks of life attended the event. They also recorded their protest against the discriminatory attitude being carried out with the Hijab-observing girls and ladies in the western countries.

The protestors raised placards and banners inscribed with words of “veil an honour of women”, “veil an identity of women”, and “veil an esteem of Muslim women”.

Atiya Nisar said that the Muslim women have right to spend their lives as per the teachings of Islam. She urged the government of Pakistan to record its protest with the western countries against the discriminatory attitude with Muslim women on the basis of their Hijab-observing act.

The Muslim women are protesting for their legal right, but the self-proclaimed champions of human rights and women rights are not ready to support their basic right of observing Hijab, she added.

Atiya Nisar demanded of the human rights and women rights organizations to break their silence and raise its voice in favour of the rights of Muslim women.

JI Karachi chapter amir Hafiz Naeem said that the western world was talking about the rights of the women, but unfortunately they do not take any step when it the matter of the rights of Muslim ladies.

He further said that women are being disgraced in the name of freedom in the western world. However, Islam is the first religion that has given their real status to women in the world.

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