Hope to end unrest in Balochistan through democratic process

September 21, 2014 Off By Web Desk

KARACHI: Fifteen years of ‘Baloch insurgency’ and its impacts on Baloch society, has concerned ‘Prince’ Mohiuddin Ahmedzai Baloch, member of Kalat royal family and former federal minister in General Zia regime.

While addressing a press conference on Monday at Karachi Press Club (KPC), he said that the Baloch masses were completely helpless as insurgents and security forces control different areas, adding, if he was taken into confidence, he would play his due role to pacify things.

“I have been sent here by neither party. However, I believe in democracy and after 12 years of silence, I believe that the time has come to relieve the grievances of people, democratically, as the outcome of insurgency appeared to be unproductive,” he added.

He accused establishment of treating Baloch as what he called second-class citizen and said that the Baloch case has never been addressed properly by any sort of government – democratic or dictatorship – resulting in insurgency. “Unfortunately, the establishment has a fixed mindset which treats Baloch as second-class citizens. However, Baloch people, due to their simple values and customs, can easily be taken into confidence,” he remarked.

While briefing the Baloch grievances, he recalled his memories of army operation in Kalat back in October 6th, 1958 when army personnel allegedly barged into Kalat Palace and arrested Khan Kalat on sedition charges. “I was a teenager and I witnessed all those moments by myself which triggered second insurgency in Balochistan by Nawab Noroz Khan Barakzai who later died in Hyderabad jail and five of his relatives, including son, were sentenced to death,” he added.

Following the second insurgency, the third insurgency was the most brutal and bloodiest back in 1973-77 triggered by dismissing National Awami Party (NAP) government. However, Balochistan under General Zia-ul-Haque’s dictatorship was peaceful.

He further said that due to his policies in Balochistan during his ministry, the economy was stable and people indulged in productive work. Regarding Baloch sentiments, he said that Baloch could never tolerate insult and that has been a lacking factor by establishment while approaching them and treatment has never been satisfactory.

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