HRCP concerned at killing of missing man linked to national party

July 26, 2015 Off By Web Desk

KARACHI: The Human Rights Commission of Pakistan (HRCP) on Monday expressed grave concern over the killing of a victim of enforced disappearance in Sindh, stating that the murder represented growing intolerance of all manners of disagreement in the country.

In a statement issued from Lahore, HRCP condemned the killing of Raja Dahir Bhambhro, who had reportedly been picked up by uniformed security forces personnel from his native village in Khairpur on June 4. The Commission said: “More than 20 persons had witnessed the incident. Raja Dahir was believed to have been picked up because of his affiliation with a nationalist party. On July 5, a mutilated body was found near Super Highway, in district Jamshoro.

On July 25, police identified the deceased as Raja Dahir after fingerprint verification. The Sindh High Court had been hearing a petition against Raja Dahir’s disappearance. In fact, the case had been fixed for hearing on the very day when his body was identified. The hearing was scheduled for August 6.

“The killing highlights the tendency by the security forces and police personnel to transgress the law. There can be no bigger crime than the agents of the state, who are under an obligation to protect people’s lives, and take away citizens’ lives.

“Unfortunately, the Sindh High Court could not ensure Raja Dahir’s safe recovery; however, it must make sure that those who abducted and killed him are duly identified, and brought to justice.

“Besides punishing the culprits in this case, those at the helm of affairs must get over their inability to address the root cause of intolerance. A stubborn refusal to tackle the foundational rot amounts to acquiescence to citizens being mowed down.”