ICAP adopts new corporate slogan CA Pakistan to rejuvenate identity

KARACHI: In its endeavor to keep abreast with global changes, the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Pakistan (ICAP) has adopted a new corporate slogan “CA Pakistan” to rejuvenate its identity.

“CA-PAKISTAN”, is a new representation and reflection of the Institute’s core values, built on 53-years legacy, paying homage to our nation and safeguarding institutional interests.

Combining unrivalled knowledge, skill and commitment, Chartered Accountants enable businesses, organizations, individuals and communities to achieve their financial and strategic goals with rigor, integrity and vision.

Chartered Accountants are founders of the accountancy profession and have led its global development. Today CAs hold influential positions around the world as business leaders, decision-makers and trusted advisers. From the largest listed companies to the most interesting and influential organizations, you’ll find a Chartered Accountant shaping their success.

The need for trusted, thorough and visionary expertise has never been greater. Today Chartered Accountancy is one of the most sought-after professional qualifications across the world for people in accountancy, finance and business. Chartered Accountants from Pakistan have attained, and maintain, the top professional standards that this status is acknowledged all around the world.

In a complex global economy, talented, ethical and committed professionals have never been more highly valued. Chartered Accountants have been a mark of excellence across all aspects of business and financial life for over 150 years. Today Chartered Accountants in 180 countries advise organizations, lead major companies, shape economic policy and deliver effective financial management and reporting. 99 of 100 global brands have employed Chartered Accountants which differentiate the profession’s scope from others as maintaining the attractive lifelong resonating focus.

The Institute of Chartered Accountants of Pakistan (ICAP), renowned as the torch bearer of the accounting and auditing profession in Pakistan, has successfully completed 53 years of its existence and is jubilant to enter the 54th year of its life.

CAs from Pakistan hold influential positions, locally and globally, as business leaders, decision makers and trusted advisers who have enabled businesses, institutions and communities to achieve their goals. Our professionals, proud Pakistanis, have set – the standard of excellence the world follows.

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