IG satisfied with police performance in Ramadan

July 20, 2015 Off By Web Desk

KHAIRPUR: IG Sindh Ghulam Hyder Jamali has expressed satisfaction over police performance during the holy month of Ramadan and acclaimed policemen and officers.

He said Rangers and other law enforcement agencies should continue the same brilliant performance in which they have discharged their duties.

“All district SSPs should issue special directives to the subordinate officers and policemen and check their performances regularly. No negligence or carelessness would be tolerated in arresting wanted and absconded criminals, and departmental action would be brought into action against such SSP, SDPO and SHO,” he said while issuing directive to strengthen ongoing operation against absconded and wanted criminals.

IG Sindh was told during briefing in the meeting that the overall law and order situation and police measures against crimes in Sindh including Karachi were satisfactory.

“113 criminal groups busted by arresting 167 criminals and other 803 criminals have also been arrested in Ramadan,” the IG was told.

The police report told 3099 absconded criminals and 462 wanted criminals were also arrested separately, while 42 alleged dacoits were killed in police encounter. 64 hand grenades, 56 SMG/ Kalashnikovs, 93 short guns/ repeaters, 912 pistols/ revolvers, 19 rifles and a large number of bullets were also recovered from the criminals.

The report presented in the meeting shed light on the performance of Karachi police and said in 137 police encounters in Ramadan 29 criminals were arrested, while 30 dacoits/ criminals were killed. In the same duration Karachi police busted 521 criminals, while 558 absconders and 19 wanted criminals were also arrested. 49 hand grenades, nine Kalashnikovs/ SMGs, seven short guns, repeaters, four rifles and 454 pistols/ revolvers and a large number of bullets were also recovered by the Karachi police.