IGP for further activating police posts

October 1, 2014 Off By Web Desk

KARACHI: Inspector General of Police (IGP) Sindh instructed the police officers on Thursday to conduct a survey of police check-posts in the city and further activate them by deploying extra contingent of police.

He stated during a meeting with 12-member delegation of All Karachi Traders Association headed by Haroon Rashid in the Central Police Office.

In meeting, Rashid said the incidents of crimes had decreased by 90% in Lyari after adopting the actions regarding the proactive policing. He said there was capacity to take immediate measures in police which would bolster peace in the city.

IG Sindh said to ensure proactive measures in all industrial, commercial and business areas, effective measures should be taken for patrolling in these areas.

He instructed that solid actions regarding patrolling, picketing, investigation should be taken for security of sensitive areas, public places, important buildings, shopping centers, eidgahs and imambargahs.

He called for struggling with stakeholders for promotion of community policing at police station level so that cooperation of people with police could continue against crimes.

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