Illegal rise in rate of fresh milk: Crackdown announced against dairy farmers ridiculing govt rates

September 6, 2015 Off By Web Desk

KARACHI: The announcement of Rs10 per liter increase in milk prices was forth right countered by city administration’s announcement for crackdown against the people trying to challenge writ of the government and create agitation among masses on Monday.

“Crackdown will be carried out against the associations first who are trying to create unnecessary hullaballoo in the city,” Commissioner Karachi Shoaib Ahmed Siddiqui said on Monday.

He warned the retailers to dare not to act upon the announcement or else they would have to face strict action. Siddiqui directed them to sell milk at official price that is Rs70 per liter.

“It is serious matter, how can one challenge writ of the government so openly? Shops would be sealed, hefty fines would be charged, imprisonment would be made and buffaloes would be confiscated,” he detailed the mechanism.

Dairy farmers association had announced to increase Rs10 per liter because of triple increase in prices of milk-increasing injections.

The commissioner Karachi called it an absurd reason.

This should be noted that Lahore High Court had banned such injections, though this decision is not effective for the city. However, dairy farmers of Bhens Colony Karachi have been using these dangerous and banned hormone injections of Boostin and Somatech to increase mulching yield of their cows and buffaloes; however, these very harmful hormones are spreading fatal intestine diseases amongst Karachiites.

The corrupt officials of livestock, food departments and district administration are fully aware of the open selling of these hormones in Cattle Colony Landhi, but they are sheltering the suppliers and sellers of these injections that have already been banned in Pakistan.

In Punjab the provincial government is sealing the cattle pens and sending their owners in jail if they are found guilty of administrating Boostin and Somatech injections to their mulching animals; however, in Sindh and the largest cattle colony of Karachi, Bhens Colony, injections of Boostin and Somatech are openly available for a price of Rs500-600 per injection.

Now the milk sellers have illegally increased the rate of fresh milk by Rs10 per liter on the plea that rates of Boostin and Somatech injections have been doubled in local market.

The citizens have appealed to the chief justice of Sindh High Court to take suo moto notice of selling of Boostin, Somatech and such other cattle hormone injections in Sindh province in the larger public interest.