Immediate compensation demanded to rebuild quake-razed houses

October 31, 2015 Off By Web Desk

Karachi: Pakistan Muslim League- Quaid e Azam (PML-Q) Sindh chapter President and Chairman of Pakistan Relief Foundation (PRF) Haleem Adil Sheikh has demanded of the government to release immediate compensation for rebuilding of the houses razed in the recent earthquake as hundreds of thousands of survivors have been living under the sky, facing immense problems in this cold weather.

He was distributing relief goods amongst the affected people of Shangla in hilly areas at the height of 8000 feet and above on Sunday. He said they have already sent their teams to assist the affected people also in Swabi, Dir, Bajore and Chitral.

Haleem Adil Sheikh met with the survivors in Union Council Shahpur and Kozkana of Tehsil Alpuri and distributed relief goods amongst them. A public health unit was also established in local Basic Health Unit in collaboration with other civil society organizations. Zubair Khan of Khabeeb Foundation, Javed Awan and others accompanied him.

PML Sindh President said the government officials are seen on main roads while here on the hills no government is seen. He said if we can reach here after walking on foot for more than two hours, why the government has failed to reach here.

He said the government compensation of Rs200000 per damaged house is too less and it should be increased. He said hundreds of thousands of houses have developed cracks and they could collapse any time. He said this whole area is a disaster zone and people living here face frequent tremors.

He said thousands of people have been braving mental agony of losing their loves ones, business and houses. He said if the government ensures transparent distribution of the assistant amongst the survivors it could greatly help them. He said the role of the civil government in assisting the survivors is dubious; however, the army is fully discharging its responsibilities in assisting these people. He asked the government to accelerate its relief and rehabilitation activities, as the homeless families including children are forced to live in freezing cold weather.