Imran faces wrath of the parents of martyred student of APS

January 13, 2015 Off By Web Desk

Peshawar: Parents of children martyred in the Peshawar attack recorded strong protested against Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) chief Imran Khan on Thursday soon after he along with Chief Minister arrived at the Army Public School.

Parents blocked the way of Imran Khan’s convoy by observing sit in outside APS however police succeeded to provide safe passage to PTI chief and his new wife Reham Khan who came along with Chief Minister Khyber Pukhtunkhwa Pervez Khattak and his cabinet members.

Parents chanted slogans “ Go Imran Go” and “Go Khattak Go” and tried to stopped the convoy. Police quickly reacted to remove the protesting parents from the roads.

Abid Raza Bangash father of Martyred Rafiq Raza Bangash said Imran and rulers of this province have totally ignored the bereaved families and tied the knot with Rehman khan without waiting for Chehlum of the martyred children.

Our hearts are broken. Our beloved are snatched from us in a brutal way but these rulers just coming to school for enjoyment. Chief Minister abused us and said the school is not belonged to us. We say this is the school of our martyred children and this not belonged to Chief Minister” he said.

Another father Dost Mohmmad Father Asad Aziz, a student class eight said rulers used police against the bereaved families. “Police man handled us, beaten us while we were peacefully protesting,” he said.

A mother holding picture of his martyred son said Imran has no care for them. She said they are regretting as to why they had voted Imran and his party. “moving in luxury vehicles could not feel our pain. They are enjoying a VVIP life style without having any pain in their hearts for those who lost their sons” she said while tears were rolling down from her eyes.

Tufail Khattak, who lost his elder son in December 16th deadly attack said neither federal government nor provincial government even bother to contact the bereaved families. “ we need no compensation but these leaders even did not feel the need to contact us. We are not ready to that blood of our sons would be used for point scoring,” he said.

Father of Muneeb Afridi said and many others also participated in the protest and condemned to apathy of PIT leadership towards the bereaved families.

“You were busy getting married without doing anything about my child who died less than a month ago,” said a weeping mother, outside the school, while another parent said the PTI chief had deserted them when they needed him the most.

Urging the PTI chief not to politicize the Peshawar attack, a protester said, “We do not need anyone, whether it’s Imran Khan or Nawaz Sharif.”

“Imran came after one month to visit the school because he was busy with his wedding,” he added angrily, claiming Imran should be ashamed of himself.

Further, Imran was criticized for not doing anything despite being elected as a member of national assembly from the province.

Mushtaq Ghani said provincial information minister said those protested in front of APS were sponsored and majority of them had no relationship with the martyred students.

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