Imran stresses need to save Karachi

November 28, 2015 Off By Web Desk

Karachi: Pakistan Tahreek e Insaf(PTI) chairman Imran Khan has stressed the need to save Karachi from evil forces through the prudent use of vote during the coming local bodies elections.

Addressing a corner meeting in Kakri Ground Lyari here Sunday, he said people should not give vote to the parties whose leaders live abroad or they have assets abroad. He said saving Karachi is duty of all us and he had come here to save Karachi. He said the corrupt people have formed their unions and if a corrupt man is arrested other corrupt people make hue and cry.

He said that the criminals and grabbers have found a place in the corridors of power. He said these people rule the country in turn and befool people in the name of democracy. He said if their government gets one more year in the KpK, his party would not need to run any electioneering campaign.

Earlier, addressing a big corner meeting at Banaras Colony, he said there is dire need to end the monopoly of a particular party on Karachi so that the citizens of this mega city could get their due rights.

Imran Khan said the people of Karachi should vote for ‘bat’ and Tarazo so as to pave way for resolving the lingering issues of Karachi. He said there is a dire need of bringing a change in every sphere of life including politics. He said politicians come in power to maximize their wealth but his party believes in serving the people.

He hoped that on December 5 the fate of this city would be changed for good.

On the occasion a large number of people were present.