Insufficient funds to Karachi blamed on federal govt

KARACHI: Administrator Karachi Rauf Akhter Farooqui said on Tuesday that the solution to development and cleaning works of the city lie in proper funding by the government as it is impossible to implement any massive plan without it.

“Every day we start cleaning different roads and drains but when we turn back after reaching a distance the previous one gets dirty again. Though, we have plans to take the bull by the horns but it is impossible to implement the plans without adequate finances,” Farooqui said while talking to PPI news agency at his office in Civic Centre.

He blamed that federal government had not provided right amount of funds in budget for Karachi development. “We have to deal with the largest and ever-increasing population of our country with the same amount of money that was being provided since 10 years. Governments, especially federal government, should realize that Karachi is the commercial hub of our country, hence, it need more attention. The more population increases the more funds we need to meet the demands,” he said.

The administrator said that it was not just the responsibility of administration to look after the civic issues but citizens should also realize what their responsibility was.

“It is violation of social ethics to throw garbage in drains meant to discharge rain water,” he said.

Farooqui said that there were 13 rainwater drains and all littered with garbage and sewerage plus encroachments, which was a big hurdle to clean the drains as machines could not get enough space to reach the drains due to encroachments.

The administrator said that 15000 tons of garbage is being produced daily in the city and only 10% of it could be lifted because of non-availability of enough machines. There were at least two dozens of big cleaning machines out of which no more than 8 were in working condition.

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