Iranian nuclear deal greeted

July 15, 2015 Off By Web Desk

KARACHI: Pakistan Peace Coalition (PPC) has welcomed the landmark deal between Iran and the Western powers (P5+1) on Iran’s nuclear programme, finalized in Geneva on July 14, 2015.

In a joint statement issued here on Thursday, the PPC Sindh President Dr. Tipu Sulan, General Secretary Zulfiqar Halepoto and a member Karamat Ali appreciated the efforts of the international community and Iranian government for reaching out at an agreement, which would open doors for economic prosperity for Iranian people.

“Nuclear programme has never brought any progress or development anywhere in the world and developing countries should focus on poverty alleviation and improvement of social and economic indicators instead of making dirty weapons,” said the statement.

The PPC leaders appreciated the deal and hoped that the nuclear deal will go long way towards the prosperity of the region especially for Pakistan as well. It is a ‘win-win’ position for all of us. World at large will be benefited, so the USA and Western world should avoid such harsh step of sanctions to any country in the future.