JI hopes change in Karachi after LB polls

September 12, 2015 Off By Web Desk

Karachi: Jamaat-e-Islami secretary general Liaquat Baloch has hoped that political culture of Karachi would go changed after the coming local bodies’ elections.

Addressing a ‘local bodies’ convention’ in Gadap here Sunday he said his party would play its due role in changing prevailing system so that justice could also be doled out to the poor and downtrodden. He said corruption, lawlessness, injustice, price hike, load shedding, public transport issues and other problems have made the lives of Karachiites miserable. He demanded to resolve the lingering issues of slum areas of Karachi including Gadap.

Baloch said it is a shame that 80 percent government schools in Gadap are closed. There is no healthcare facility in government sector for a large poor and neglected population of the area. He said his party would raise these issues at every level to get them resolved.

He said peace in Karachi would progress of Pakistan as the port city plays a crucial role in national economy. He said terrorists, target killers, mafia men and extortionists had held Karachi hostage and after the ongoing operation in the city many positive trends have been witnessed. He demanded to achieve complete results of operation in shape of total peace in Karachi. He vowed that his party would help in reviving the past glory of the city. He said JI leaders from Mayor Abdul Sattar Afghani to Niamatullah Khan have played a memorable role in progress and prosperity of Karachi.

On the occasion, names of JI candidates for the coming local bodies’ elections were announced.