JI urges Karachiites to change their destiny

October 18, 2015 Off By Web Desk

Karachi: With the theme to ‘Win Karachi for Karachi’ the Jamaat-e-Islami (JI) Karachi held its workers convention, here at New MA Jinnah Road on Sunday night.

The convention, under slogan of ‘Let’s change our Karachi,’ was dedicated to Nasarullah Shaji, the JI’s deceased leader who had sacrificed his life while attempting to rescue a drowning student. Engr. Naeem requested JI workers to work in the election campaign with the same zeal and spirit of Shaji with which he used to work.

Addressing his party workers, the JI Pakistan Amir Senator Siraj-ul-Haq has said that he was in Karachi to appreciate those brave people who decided to contest against fascist elements.

Talking about the history of Karachi, he said that Karachi is the city of those who presented sacrifices for creation of Pakistan.

He said that the city has been in the clutches of terrorists and killers for several decades. He urged the residents of Karachi to use their votes against the Killers, extortionists and those who are usurping the rights of the city.

He said we would prove that the JI never let down to those who keep their trust in JI.

He highlighted the miseries of the city and situations in health and other civic sectors.

He was of the view that the upcoming polls are an opportunity for the people of Karachi to completely change the prevailing situations.

The JI amir said that Karachi could be developed on the pattern of Shanghai and Istanbul, if it was blessed with honest leadership.

He said that he believes that Allah, the Almighty doesn’t change the fate of a nation until and unless its individuals do not decide to change their situations.

Addressing the general public, he said that if people are ready for a change than no one can refrain a genuine change to be occurred.

He said that decisions for Karachi would be taken in the city, not in London, if people used their ballet for honest leadership. He was of the view that international power could do nothing, if the people of Karachi decide to change their fate.

He vowed to make Karachi a developed international city.

The JI chief said that unfortunately there is an overall sense of hopelessness and depression across the city. However, he said that JI would bring a blossom and fresh air in this suffocated situations.

He said that JI, if came in power, would change the class based educational system and a unilateral syllabus would be introduced under which sons of the state’s president and that of a gate keeper would read the same books.

Talking about the judicial procedures, he said that he doesn’t acknowledge the system under which the gates of justice are opened with the keys of gold as lawyers charge hefty amounts from those poor, seeking justice.

He also announced that the cure of five deadly diseases including heart, kidney and thalassemia, would be made free, if the JI would form government.

Engr. Hafiz Naeem-ur-Rehman, chief of JI Karachi, said that the upcoming LG polls are not usual elections but are an opportunity to bring back the culture of peace, tranquillity and progress in the city.

He asked the Karachiites if they want to remain deprived of mass transit, peace, law and order then they should vote for thugs, otherwise, he added that JI is a proper alternative for people.

He said that this time JI would not leave people on the mercy of those goons at the polling booths. He said that the JI leadership doesn’t live in denial mode and has choose the most suitable way for the future of Karachi, so the JI remained positive with each and every force, loyal to the city and went to seat adjustment with Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf.

Engr. Naeem shed light on the political history and assured the residents of city of peace and safety. He addressed all ethnic groups of the city in general and Urdu speaking people in particular and said that the sense of insecurity among them is the result of a conspiracy, being hatched by Bourgeois class, to divide and rule. He assured them that there would be no more shadows of fear in the city, if they show their trust in the Jamaat-e-Islami.

He said that the JI have set aside its differences with other parties just for the sake of Karachi. He asked JI workers to work with complete harmony and cooperation with the PTI workers.

The JI leader further said that not only municipal institutions but KE would be made responsible for their dishonesty and crimes.

JI Pakistan deputy chief Asadullah Bhutto in his address said that the convention is evident that Karachi is awakened. He was of the view that Karachi is the economical hub and mini Pakistan and the youth of Karachi is pretty good aware of the political forces in the city. He added that youth of Karachi would ensure the success of JI’s candidates.

JI Sindh Amir Dr. Meraj-ul-Huda Siddiqui said that fascist powers are ruling over Sindh and are not ready to let people come out of the darkness, they are living in. He said that the JI candidates and their families are being threatened. However, he made it clear that JI would defeat these ruling fascist elements.

He was confident that financially weak candidates of JI in interior Sindh would defeat those powerful lords, travelling in luxurious vehicles.

He hoped that Karachi would get rid of fascist elements in the upcoming LG polls.

Mumtaz Sehto, JI Sindh general secretary, said that Karachi had been made a city of darkness. However, he added that the JI would again transform Karachi into a city of lights.

Thousands of JI workers from across the city, participated in the convention.

Deputy Secretary General JI, Karachi and head of the election campaign Engr. Sabir Ahmed presented a report on the measures taken so far in regard with the upcoming elections. He said that out of total 209 UCs, the JI has been contesting in 188 UCs. He asked the office-bearers to keep a close liaison with the election officials so as ensure a smooth polls process.

Hafiz Abdul Wahid Shaikh, JI district South head, said that district South is the most deprived area of the city, from where political parties got votes, fame and support but gave illiteracy and poverty in return. The JI has decided that it would provide the South with its due status.

Mohammad Islam, head of JI Bin Qasim district regretted that even development projects in the city were carried out under the shadow of ethnicity. He said that JI has always challenged the mafias working in the pretext of political parties and has been contesting the local polls from even the strongholds of killers and extortionists.

JI West head Abdul Razak Khilji said that terrorists, extortionist and criminal elements had captured the city for decades and ruined it.

He said that the history of the city is evident that it is only the JI which is capable of transforming the city into a developed city with honesty and transparency. He said people of Karachi cannot be fooled any more.

Former MPA Yunus Barai head of the JI district East said that the each and every member of the party is determinant to approach each and every house of the city to convince the citizens to vote for in the favour of Karachi’s interest.

Muneem Zafar, chief of district Central, said that the convention holds a message that the city wants a change. He vowed that the members and activists of JI would dedicate their next one and half month to work for peace and change in the city.

Younus Sohan, the JI leader for minorities, said that as per the agenda of the JI, minorities are being represented in every UC and minorities’ candidates under the flag of JI have been nominated in all UCs.

National Labour Federation Karachi head Khalid Khan, Islami Jamiat Talaba Karachi chief Nusrat and others were also present on the occasion.