Journalism is a race against time: moot told

June 18, 2015 Off By Web Desk

KARACHI: Institute of Communication and Media Studies (ICMS), Ziauddin University, organized a panel discussion, titled “Changing Time: Changing Media”. Mazhar Abbas, senior journalist Imtisal Abbasi and other noted figures attended the program.

Senior journalist and analyst Mazhar Abbas stated that journalism is a race against time but journalists also need to give authentic news. When stories are of sensitive nature, multiple sources are required to verify news. Journalists should always be in search of truth.

“Newspapers are a very reliable resource to get current information and the media students should read newspapers on daily basis”, advised Mazar Abbas.

“Students perceive the media industry to be glamorous. There is also a lot of excitement in this profession. Media industry is harder than what it seems to be”, he added.

Renowned film & TV actor Sajid Hasan discussed about the revival of drama and film industry and how it has changed during his lifetime. “Things have changed ever since the media has become more liberated and now the film and drama industries are improving.

“Drama is a valuable medium which is directly related with public feelings, so it should be done properly with high-quality scripts,” he added.

While discussing the scope of advertising industry Imtisal Abbasi, COO, IAL Saatchi & Saatchi said that advertising industry is evolving at the same time as the media industry. There is lot of investment and career opportunities and growth.

“Career in advertising industry is numerous and may come across a range of departments, providing positions within the fields of artistic departments, production, media, and analysis”, he added.

On the occasion, Uzma Aijaz Khan, TV news anchor said that a news anchor should be greedy to learn and educate others to the issues that continuously change and shape the world, whether locally, nationally or internationally. The news anchor may remark or give professional insight on complicated issues that are reported in the news.