Juniper Defenders camp held

QUETTA: Junipers Defenders grand camp and Zarghoon Mount Expedition was held at Zarghoon mount near Quetta organized as part of the Celebrations of 30 year ceremonies of Chiltan Adventurers Association Balochistan.

Zarghoon Mount is located in the North East of Quetta surrounded by world’s second largest 4000 years old beautiful Juniper forest and known as the Highest Mountains Peek in Balochistan Province More than 65 Mountaineers and Juniper Defenders along with officers, officials of Pakistan army participated in the expedition.

The aims of the expedition & Juniper Defenders camp were to educate young people and create awareness, raising voice for environment protection and conservation of 4000 years old Juniper forests by taking remedial measures to stop the destruction of valuable National / world heritage and endangered species within the juniper forest in Zarghoon Mountains and Ziarat region.

Major General Mohammad Samrez Salik GOC 33 DIVISION Quetta was Chief Guest of the event.

Hayatullah Khan Durrani (Pride-of-Performance) founder Chiltan Adventurers Association Balochistan briefs the juniper defenders grand camp participants on importance of Juniper forest. Hayatullah Khan Durrani is a Pakistani “Juniper Defender” Environmental analyst, naturalist, author an advocate for conservation, preservation Juniper forest and wilderness in Ziarat and Zarghoon Mountainous regions.

The mountaineers and junipers defenders expedition successfully climbed “Looai Sarr Naikaan” 3,578 meters (11738. ft) the highest Mountain peak in Balochistan and hoist the National flag of Pakistan on the top.

The mountain climbers and juniper defenders expedition were led by Maj: Gen: Mohammad Samrez Salik and supervised by Hayatullah Khan Durrani an eminent Pakistani world class mountaineer and first Pakistani caving legend. Maj: Gen: Mohammad Samrez Salik appreciated the roll of mountaineers and juniper defenders of the Chiltan Adventurers and Koh-e-sheen Adventurers and extends his full support for the promotion of mountaineering adventure sports. He said the mountaineering activity keeps the newer generation away from social evils. Finally all the juniper defenders participated in the cleanup of Shabaan base camp of Zarghoon mount a video documentary film of the expedition was recorded by AbdalI Productions.

It is worth mentioning that Major General Mohammad Samrez Salik is the first Pakistan Army high rank officer who climbed the highest mountain peak of Balochistan with the civil mountaineers and juniper defenders.

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