Karachi braves petrol shortage crisis

January 18, 2015 Off By Web Desk

Karachi: After Punjab the shameful crisis of petrol shortage hit Karachi on Monday evening and petrol pumps in many areas went closed due to ending available stock.

Hundreds of thousands of motorists and bikers faced immense problems due to shortage of petrol. The citizens complain that the shortage of petrol in port city of Pakistan is shameful. They said all this drama is being played to pave wave for the privatization of Pakistan State Oil (PSO). They said strangely Sindh, particularly Badin area, produces a huge quantity of oil, but nobody knows who the real beneficiary of this precious natural resource. They said only the federal government is responsible for the petrol crisis. They said maintaining proper oil stock in a strategic need of the country but the shortsighted rulers have even jeopardized it.

The citizens suggest importing petrol from Iran through border trade arrangements on emergency basis to save Sindh and Balochistan from a sure oil crisis that may hit hard the economy of not only Karachi but the whole country.

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