Karachi needs extensive tree plantation

June 22, 2015 Off By Web Desk

Karachi: More than 500 deaths due to heatstroke in Karachi in just four days demands city planners to think on permanent ways to improve environment of the city with extensive tree plantation as its first step.

For a couple of decades the city has been witnessing cutting of trees to build tall-rise building and plazas. Even meager mangrove forests of the city have been destroyed by land mafias. Not a single major park has been built in the city in last four decades and a limited number of parks under the Karachi Metropolitan Corporation are in miserable shape, many of them illegal occupied by marriage hall, water hydrant mafia and political elements.

It direly needs to initiate a massive tree plantation drive in the city in which at least one million saplings should be planted to give the city some green color. At least a major park should be developed in each of the eighteen towns of the city. The green belts of streets should also be taken care of to improve the city environment. The Superhighway, National Highway, RCD Road, the banks of Lyari and Malir Nullahs, and whole coastline of the city should be covered with trees. This is a gigantic task but it could be done if the government and civil society join hands and launch a big tree plantation drive in the coming monsoon season.

Karachi desperately needs tree-lined roads and streets. However, it is not possible till the KMC, forest department and environment protection departments join hands to make Karachi a clean and green city.