Karachi traffic police armed to counter terrorism

September 1, 2015 Off By Web Desk

KARACHI: Citizens need not to worry since Karachi traffic police have been laced with weapons in order to avoid men in white from being sitting ducks for terrorists.

“Karachi operation has proved to be fatal blow against terrorists and they find no den to save their skin. Therefore, they have considered armless traffic police to be soft target for their revenge,” said DIG Traffic Police Ameer Shaikh on Wednesday.

He told PPI that four traffic policemen were martyred in 2013, five in 2014 and it had not been a complete year and our six men had become target yet, four out of the six this year were killed just recently in two separate incidents. “Then, we are compelled to take arms.”

“The recent killings in two separate incidents were done by the same group and we are going to bust them within a month, then the weapons from traffic police would be withdrawn as it is not suitable for them to carry weapons,” he said.

He said around 700 weapons and bullet-proof jackets were provided to the policemen at vulnerable locations for their own safety. Four policemen had been posted at vulnerable locations; one with SMG, an officer with 9mm pistol and the other two would regulate the traffic.

To a query, Sheikh said traffic police was trained the same as the other police, so they knew how to use and handle guns. The decision had been taken in the country for Karachi police only due to its being targeted.

The DIG traffic police said armed traffic police would change perception of the terrorists considering them to be soft target.

“DG Rangers Sindh has also assured support to safeguard traffic police,” he said.

Head Constable Muhammad Ishtiaq at Arts Council Chowrangi told that all the senior officers on duty in the city had been given 9mm pistols.

This should also be noted that traffic police in Karachi were given arms in July 2014 as well for their safety.