Karachiites pay Rs230bn every year in shape of forcible extortions, bribes

June 10, 2015 Off By Web Desk

KARACHI: Sindh Apex Committee on Thursday decided to take action against the political parties and influential peoples who are supporting and patronizing criminals.

Director General (DG) Rangers Maj General Bilal Akbar briefed the Sindh Apex committee. According to a release, DG Rangers told the apex committee that millions of rupees are distributed among some influential politicians and activists of Lyari gang war to fan violence and lawlessness.

Over Rs230billion are collected by illegal practices from Karachi every year. Karachiites are being forced to pay this extortion money through different pretexts and these huge funds are used for purchasing arms and ammunition and running criminal mafias.

The funding generated from sacrificial animals’ hides is used for funding militant wings of political and religious parties. Huge funds are also generated from selling water, running illegal marriage halls and illegal vehicle parking sites. The report said that there are three types of land grabbing in the metropolis which include government land grabbing as well as grabbing of private lands.

The report said there is one another crime in the city which is the smuggling of Iranian diesel. The money made from this crime is used to promote crimes in rural areas.