KCCI demands army in Karachi

KARACHI:,,, President of the Karachi Chamber of Commerce and Industry (KCCI) Abdullah Zaki, while welcoming government’s decision to deploy army in Islamabad and in some sensitive areas of Karachi, Monday demanded that keeping in view the poor law and order situation of Karachi city, troops of Pakistan Army should be deployed across the city in order to completely cleanse the city from the menace of terrorism and to effectively deal with criminals.

In a statement, he said that keeping army operation limited to sensitive areas only may not yield positive results. “The patriotic troops of Pakistan Army, who have always responded positively whenever Pakistan faces such threats, must be deployed in every area of the city as lawlessness is not just limited to sensitive areas but is being widely reported from every single locality.”

Zaki pointed out that Karachi Operation undertaken by Pakistan Rangers Sindh in association with Sindh Police has failed to deliver positive results as the overall security situation, instead of showing signs of improvement, continued to deteriorate.

He said that strategies adopted by Federal and Sindh governments since September 2013 to restore peace in Karachi proved to be futile which left no other option for the business community but to demand intervention of Pakistan Army in order to provide some relief to the perturbed Karachiites who are living their lives in extremely dire circumstances.

“It is heartening to note that the government has finally responded to KCCI’s demand and gave go ahead to Pakistan Army but peace can only be restored if army operation is carried out across the city”, he added.

Highlighting some of the shortcomings of Police department and lack of necessary powers to Pakistan Rangers Sindh, Abdullah Zaki said that Pakistan Rangers Sindh and police department were not in a position to restore peace as it requires stringent strategy to fully restore peace which can only be done by the army.

He was of the view that all pro-business policies and measures being initiated by the present government to attract investments in this region will be wasted if Karachi city remains insecure.

“Incidents of street crimes, kidnapping for ransom, activities of extorting mafia, robberies and target killings have resurfaced in many areas of the city whereas the LEAs seem helpless”, he added.

President KCCI hoped that the present government, by realizing the gravity of the situation and the hardships being faced by Karachiites, considers KCCI’s demand of extending army operation to every corner of the city in order to ensure enduring peace in Karachi city which contributes massive chunk of more than 60 percent to the national exchequer and undoubtedly deserves to be treated accordingly.

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